Dual-Mode High Pressure Diffuser-Economic

DHPD-ECO is designed for pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetics, medical institutions and others industries with strict st



Relative Pressure


Gas Type

500 sets



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External View and Interface

Dual-Mode High Pressure Diffuser-Economic(图1)


Dual-Mode High Pressure Diffuser-Economic(图2)

                           Decompression before sampling

                           After passing through the sampling/detecting device, the compressed gas flows through the DHPD and

                           is decompressed into an atmospheric pressure for release.

                           Decompression after sampling

                           The compressed gas is decompressed into an atmospheric pressure when flowing through the DHPD, and

                           then is output to the back-end sampling/detecting device for sampling or detection.


Dual-Mode High Pressure Diffuser-Economic(图3)

                                       The influence of sampling speed and gas pressure on sampling time

Dual-Mode High Pressure Diffuser-Economic(图4)

Product model