Electric High Pressure Diffuser-Economic

Electric High Pressure Diffuser-Economic (EHPD-ECO) is used for decompression of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon and other in



Relative Pressure


Gas Type

Air, N2, CO2, O2, Ar


0.91Kg (1.98lbs)

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External View and Interface

Electric High Pressure Diffuser-Economic(图1)


Electric High Pressure Diffuser-Economic(图2)

                                    Operation process of Electric High Pressure Diffuser-Economic (EHPD-ECO): when the back-end 

                                    sampling device starts, the compressed gas to be tested is decompressed into atmospheric gas 

                                    in real time and dynamically and is delivered to the back-end sampling device. When the sampling 

                                    device stops, the EHPD-ECO closes the gas output automatically.

                                    The EHPD-ECO can be coupled with particle counter, air sampler and any other active sampling 

                                    devices for detecting and analyzing the atmosphere, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, oxygen and 

                                    other inert gases under high pressure, only use in the non-flammable and non-explosive area.


Electric High Pressure Diffuser-Economic(图3)

Product model