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HEPA filter BioAerosol Monitoring System for Air


HEPA filter BioAerosol Monitoring System for Air

Bioaerosol Monitoring System

BioAerosol Monitoring System (BAMS) is used for real-time environmental monitoring of microorganisms in the air.

Capacitive touch screen 8.0″

Portable 5.8Kg

Continuous monitoring 7*24hr

Mass storage 119G


Continuous Monitoring 24/7 continuous monitoring

lmmediate Data

Real-time data for both particlesand biological particles

People Oriented

Efficient user oriented design

Stable and reliable

First truly portable microbial monitoring device

Compliance with FDA21 CFR Part 11

Laser induced fluorescence (LIF)

Fluorescence is a photoluminescent phenomenon of matter, which was first recorded by Monardes N in Spain in 1575, when he found sky-blue light in an aqueous solution of wood slices, but the mechanism of this sky-blue light was not clear at that time. It was not until 1852, when Stokes provided a scientific explanation of fluorescence, that the study of fluorescence became widespread. The development of scientific instruments in the 20th century has accelerated the development and application of fluorescence technology. The development and application of photomultiplier tubes, spectrometers, CCD technology, lasers, computers, etc. have made a new leap in fluorescence analysis technology, making it an effective means of material detection and analysis.

LIF refers to the technology of using photodetectors to detect laser-excited fluorescence. The laser-induced fluorescence detection system is mainly composed of three parts: laser light source, optical system and photodetector.

The principle of laser-induced fluorescence technology is as follows: a laser of suitable wavelength passes through the detection area, and a certain molecule in the detection area absorbs the photon energy and jumps to a high-energy state, the molecule in the high-energy state is very unstable, and it will return to the ground state from the high-energy state within a certain period of time. During this process, the molecule releases energy through spontaneous radiation, thus emitting fluorescence. The laser-induced fluorescence spectrum is obtained by detecting the intensity and distribution of laser-induced fluorescence through a detector. The distribution of fluorescence can be analyzed to detect the type of sample particles; the intensity of fluorescence can be analyzed to know the concentration of particles.

The fluorescence spectrum is not related to the wavelength of the excitation light source, but only to the energy level structure of the fluorescent substance itself. Therefore, the distribution of fluorescence spectrum can be used to qualitatively analyze and identify fluorescent substances. The shorter the wavelength of the light source, the stronger the energy, the higher the number of molecules excited to the excited state, and thus the stronger the resulting fluorescence intensity, and the higher the sensitivity of the measurement. Laser induced fluorescence technology is 2-10 times more sensitive than the general light source induced fluorescence detection technology.

LIF technology is gradually being used for disease diagnosis, elemental analysis, environmental pollution monitoring and detection of biological warfare agents due to its advantages of real-time rapidity, high sensitivity and high resolution.

Micronview Limited nutzt die Optik und Biotechnologie, um eine schnelle, echtzeitige sterile Umweltüberwachung zu erreichen, indem sie fortgeschrittene Überwachungsinstrumente und Verbrauchsumgebungen für Produktionsumgebungen und Fertigerzeugnisse von Lebensmitteln, pharmazeutischen und kosmetischen Industrien versorgen.
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