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Alarm Airborne Particle Counter for Cleanroom

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Alarm Airborne Particle Counter for Cleanroom

Airborne Particle Counter (APC) is fully compliant with ISO14644-2015 and ISO21501-4 standard.

Capacitive touch screen8.0″


Data 5 million sets

Portable 6.1Kg

Product details

Product Feature

8 inch capacitive touchscreen, quick response

Even with two pairs of latex gloves

Sealed 316L stainless steel enclosure and dust plug to prohibit dust and water

Automatically Collect Air Samples

APC data exceed the limit,triggers the BAS to start sampling

Operation Interface


-Standard report: one key to generate ISO/EUGMPI CHINESEGMP reports

-Data review and data export

1. Sum up data by zone.

2.Freely switch counting unit between △/Σ/#,m /ft.

3.Automatically generate UCL values and average values

4.Search for sample records precisely by time,zone and operator.

-Data integrity: featured with audit trail.


- Real-time concentration curves, to get a better understanding of environmental particle condition.

- Quick editing function, to make sampling more flexible.


- Clear layout for orders. Simple and easy to use.

- One-click for system software upgrade.

- Multiple sets of personalized sampling schemes

can be customized for any zone.

Audit Trail

All the operations involved data integrity from login to logout can be recorded. It consists of setting, sampling, export data, etc. The relevant information of audit trail record are shown in the following table.

Settings Interface

Log in

 Switch user

 Power off

 Add new location information

 Modify location information

 Delete location information

 Add new sampling scheme

 Modify sampling scheme

 Delete sampling scheme

 Turn on auto print

 Turn off auto print

 Switch print language

 Turn on store incomplete data

 Turn off store incomplete data

 Save Info Alert settings

 Save display settings

 Time interface: modify date, time and time format

 Print audit trail

 Export audit trail

 Add new operator

 Modify operator

Sampling Interface

 Start sampling

 Stop sampling

 Print sampling data

Data Interface

 Offline Print

 Export PDF

 Export data source

 Print standard report

 Clear samples

 Add comments

Each line of the record shows the operator’s ID and the login time. The records are listed in chronological order. The first line is the latest one. Click on a record to see more information. Touch the【】icon to review the details. See chart 5-3-13, 5-3-14. Touch【】icon to enter the range of the audit trail record that needs to be exported. Touch【OK】icon to export the audit trail record to a USB flash drive. Touch【】icon to enter the range of the audit trail record that needs to be printed. Touch【OK】icon to print.

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