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Mobile BioAerosol Monitoring System for Microbial

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Mobile BioAerosol Monitoring System for Microbial

The BioAerosol Monitoring System (BAM®S) is used to detect both inert and microbial particles in real-time, primarily in clean room environments. It is appropriate for use across many industries, such as aerospace, biopharmaceutical, medicine & health, electronics, food, and optics. Its main applications are clean class classification, clean room validation, contaminant source tracking, indoor-air quality monitoring, contaminant trend analysis, etc. The instrument provides the real-time feedback of air quality in clean rooms by monitoring both inert and microbial particles and can run 24x7. Contaminants can therefore be found early because of the continuous and real-time monitoring. BAM®S saves users time and enables more immediate action and resolution. Without traditional culturing methodology and consumables, BAM®S helps reduce both costs and reaction times.

General BAM®S characteristics and specifications

Particulate size ranges measured: 0.5μm to 25.0μm

Simultaneous detection of 6 channels

Inert and microbial particle counts in real-time, without cultivation

24x7 continuous monitoring

On-screen, real-time data curves

Easy data review and printing

Reporting standards: ISO/EUGMP/CHINESEGMP/Fed Std

Minimalism design, weighing only 12.8lbs (5.8Kg)

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MicronView Limited tire parti de l'optique et de la biotechnologie pour atteindre une surveillance de l'environnement stérile rapide et en temps réel, en fournissant des instruments de surveillance avancés et en consommables pour les environnements de production et les produits finis des industries alimentaires, pharmaceutiques et cosmétiques.
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