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Authority Management BioAerosol Monitoring System


Authority Management BioAerosol Monitoring System

Bioaerosol Monitoring System

BioAerosol Monitoring System (BAMS) is used for real-time environmental monitoring of microorganisms in the air.

Capacitive touch screen 8.0″

Portable 5.8Kg

Continuous monitoring 7*24hr

Mass storage 119G


Continuous Monitoring 24/7 continuous monitoring

lmmediate Data

Real-time data for both particlesand biological particles

People Oriented

Efficient user oriented design

Stable and reliable

First truly portable microbial monitoring device

Compliance with FDA21 CFR Part 11

The BAM®S is the smallest and lightest in its class and takes up the least amount of testing space, making it truly portable.The BAM®S can continuously sample and obtain real-time results not only to help identify contamination sources, but also for trend analysis and process improvement analysis. It continuously monitors the environment, helping to identify contamination in the production process and reduce the risk of production loss. BAM®S identifies contaminated areas through rapid detection and can guide users in the development and implementation of cleaning strategies, enabling plants to resume production operations faster. real-time results from BAM®S reduce investigation time and can increase production time. BAM®S can continuously sample for real-time results that Facilitates microbial contamination control in high-risk areas, allowing continuous monitoring of critical areas such as biosafety cabinets, isolators, filling lines, etc. In addition, BAM®S' real-time monitoring data is a perfect training aid for aseptic operations, allowing for timely correction and improvement of laboratory personnel practices.

Micronview Limited nutzt die Optik und Biotechnologie, um eine schnelle, echtzeitige sterile Umweltüberwachung zu erreichen, indem sie fortgeschrittene Überwachungsinstrumente und Verbrauchsumgebungen für Produktionsumgebungen und Fertigerzeugnisse von Lebensmitteln, pharmazeutischen und kosmetischen Industrien versorgen.
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