What Is EMC Robot

APC Robot

The Aerosol Particle Counter Robot (APC Robot) enables the automated sampling of cleanroom environments using a SLAM* algorithm and LiDAR to ensure accurate site arrival and object avoidance. The unit can traverse designated areas, automatically open and close doors, autonomously ride elevators, and automatically return to home base for charging. Through automated sampling, the environmental impact of operators and potential for human error can be minimized.

BAS Robot

The BioAerosol Sampler Robot (BAS Robot) is equipped with a high precision 6-axis robotic arm and Micronview control software which is easy to configure and use. The Micronview control software is available on tablets, smartphones and PCs. Through a wireless connection, the software is used to communicate with the BAS robot, schedule tasks, and assign work plans for the automated active air sampling of your controlled environments.
Efficiency and Labor saving
Cost of data processor and reviewer saving​​​​​​​
Safe and reliable
Robot isn’t restricted by typical operator shift or human error​​​​​​​
Reduce human presence
Reduces human presence in product streams, reduction in investigations​​​​​​​
Risk aversion
Minimize risk of potential issues with sampling ergonomics​​​​​​​
Full sample-to-result
Automated preprinted barcode identification to enhance plate traceability​​​​​​​
Features Of EMC Robot

Network and Data Transmission

Multiple networking and report export options available
Built-in wireless network module

Automatic Charging

Up to 18 hours on a single charge
Automated return to recharging station

Precise Positioning

Ensures accurate positioningat test locations

Autonomous Navigation

Automated environmental sampling

Flexible Deployment

Rapid sampling module replacement

Scheduled Tasks

Complete unattended operations
FAQs About EMC Robot

Product Specifications
 Net weight: 30kg
Chassis Material: 316L stainless steel
Max. Map Area: 500m×500m
Max. Load:40kg
Battery capacity:960Wh(24V)
Cleaning:Sealed chassis, resists corrosivity of disinfectant wiping
Working Power: 50W (With full power, it can work continuously for 18h)
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MicronView takes advantage of optics and biotechnology to achieve fast, real-time sterile environment monitoring, by providing advanced monitor­ing instruments and consumables for production environments and finished products of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
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Micronview Limited nutzt die Optik und Biotechnologie, um eine schnelle, echtzeitige sterile Umweltüberwachung zu erreichen, indem sie fortgeschrittene Überwachungsinstrumente und Verbrauchsumgebungen für Produktionsumgebungen und Fertigerzeugnisse von Lebensmitteln, pharmazeutischen und kosmetischen Industrien versorgen.
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