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Sterile Dual-Flow BioAerosol Sampler

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Sterile Dual-Flow BioAerosol Sampler

Micromicrobial Plankton Sampler BAS

is a high performance planktonic bacteria sampler

for use in pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic and medical

Industries with strict cleanliness standards

BAS screen with 4.3 inch capacitive screen

More sensitive response, real-time display of sampling progress

Sampling head adopts isokinetic design, not to destroy the airflow direction when sampling

Power and USB ports are protected by dust plugs

No dead space on the body, easy to clean

BAS planktonic sampler is a high-performance planktonic sampler

Based on the principle of Andersen impact method, it meets the requirements of ISO14698 regulations

Gas impinges on the agar surface at 21m/s through the perforated cover

Built-in high precision flow meter

The instrument will automatically detect the gas mass flow rate under working condition

and adjust the fan pumping speed at any time to ensure that the set flow rate is achieved

In case of blockage due to air pressure or local air inlet channels, etc.

The instrument can automatically adjust the flow rate

In the 100L/Min sampling mode, BAS ensures ±2.5% flow rate accuracy

In 200L/Min sampling mode, BAS can ensure ±3% flow accuracy

BAS complies with ISO 14698 standards for biological cleanrooms and their associated controlled environments

Physical collection efficiency of 106.6% for 0.9μm particles at 100L/Min sampling mode

Better than the regulatory recommended comparison method

In 200L/Min sampling mode, the physical collection efficiency of 0.9μm particles can reach 97.4%

Superior endurance, 10 hours of continuous sampling at 100L/Min flow rate

BAS can achieve 4 hours of continuous sampling at 200L/Min flow rate

BAS has authority management and audit trail function

Administrator can set operator name, password and authority

Audit trail function to record all operations of logged-in users

Intelligent parameter setting interface eliminates the trouble of repeatedly entering secondary menus

Support a variety of preset modes, memorize common solutions to improve work efficiency

Sampling process is simple and clear, you can start sampling with one click

Or directly in the sampling interface for parameter setting

Continuous and cyclic sampling can be realized

BAS can store 20,000 sets of data

Quick access to sampling records and alarm information through search function

Data can be exported and imported with a single click

For laminar flow tables, isolators, biosafety cabinets

or other critical areas where it is not convenient to place sampling equipment directly

BAS can be sampled via a remote sampling kit supporting up to 8 meters of sampling tubing

The BAS is available with the optional Macmill High Pressure Diffuser HPD

and the Electronic High Pressure Diffuser-Economic EHPD-ECO for monitoring microorganisms in compressed air

MicronView Limited se aprovecha de la óptica y la biotecnología para lograr un monitoreo de entorno estéril rápido y en tiempo real, proporcionando instrumentos de monitoreo avanzados y consumibles para entornos de producción y productos terminados en las industrias alimentaria, farmacéutica y cosmética.
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