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APC Robot

  • Autonomous navigation - Fully automated environmental sampling
  • Intelligent charging  system - Wireless charging station
  • Multi-task scheduling - Unattended operation
  • Interface with different sampling modules
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  • SA110


The Airborne Particle Counter Robot (APC Robot) enables the automated sampling of cleanroom environments using a SLAM* algorithm and LiDAR to ensure accurate site arrival and object avoidance. The unit can traverse designated areas, automatically open and close doors, autonomously ride elevators, and automatically return to home base for charging. Through automated sampling, the environmental impact of operators and potential for human error can be minimized.

The APC Robot can realize remote sample control and central data management, ensuring continuous real-time monitoring and data storage in dynamic and challenging manufacturing environments. All detection data is stored on the robot's monitoring management system,and data can be uploaded to the specified server or cloud via WIFI/LTE network according to customer requirements.


-- Autonomous navigation - Fully automated environmental sampling --

-- Intelligent charging system - Wireless charging station --

-- Multi-task scheduling - Unattended operation --

-- Interface with different sampling modules --

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*SLAM is an acronym for Simultabeous Localization And Mapping, which supports localization and map construction for EMC Robots in unknown environments.



The APC Robot is compatible with the portable Airborne Particle Counter (APC) and Remote Particle Sensor modules. With the particle counting module attached, the robot will automatically arrive at user defined locations and complete sampling according to a set sampling scheme.

The unit's automated navigation and sampling lower the risk of contamination by reducing human presence in critical areas, and reduce the potential for error in sampling location and time. Resource allocation can also be optimized by automating routine functions and assigning personnel to other critical tasks. The EMC Robot can also be equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor to collect and store ambient temperature and humidity information.




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