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HEPA filter Airborne Particle Counter for Environmental

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HEPA filter Airborne Particle Counter for Environmental

Airborne Particle Counter (APC) is fully compliant with ISO14644-2015 and ISO21501-4 standard.

Capacitive touch screen8.0″


Data 5 million sets

Portable 6.1Kg

Product details

Product Feature

8 inch capacitive touchscreen, quick response

Even with two pairs of latex gloves

Sealed 316L stainless steel enclosure and dust plug to prohibit dust and water

Automatically Collect Air Samples

APC data exceed the limit,triggers the BAS to start sampling

Operation Interface


-Standard report: one key to generate ISO/EUGMPI CHINESEGMP reports

-Data review and data export

1. Sum up data by zone.

2.Freely switch counting unit between △/Σ/#,m /ft.

3.Automatically generate UCL values and average values

4.Search for sample records precisely by time,zone and operator.

-Data integrity: featured with audit trail.


- Real-time concentration curves, to get a better understanding of environmental particle condition.

- Quick editing function, to make sampling more flexible.


- Clear layout for orders. Simple and easy to use.

- One-click for system software upgrade.

- Multiple sets of personalized sampling schemes

can be customized for any zone.



The status of the sampling room. The options are Operational, At-Rest and As-Built. The status can choose not to be entered. If the status is not entered, it will display as N/A. Standard report cannot be generated without entering the status.


The number of locations in the sampling room. If the area is entered, locations will be calculated automatically depending on the selected standard. The number can be modified. The minimum value is 1. Touch【】icon can change the location name. Select the name of the location that needs to be modified, and the name of the location will be displayed as green character. Touch【】icon to edit the name. Select the name of the location that needs to be modified, touch【】icon to copy the selected name. Touch【】icon to paste. The location name supports up to 16 characters. Touch the check box of the location name, and the selected location will be displayed in the location display diagram of the room within the sampling interface. The unselected location will not be displayed.



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