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Semiconductors are highly sensitive materials, vulnerable to even the tiniest speck of dust or the slightest increase in particle matter concentration. Therefore, to ensure the high performance and reliability in the operation that involves the production, manipulation, installation, or packaging of semiconductors the stringent cleanroom contamination control plan must be required.

In most cases, semiconductor cleanrooms must comply with ISO 14644-1 Class 4-6 requirements. The packaging, assembly, and testing of circuits or chips could be performed in ISO class 7 or ISO class 8 cleanrooms. As the continuous advancement of the microchip miniaturization and more powerful electronic devices, the trend for creating leaner, more efficient and sustainable production environments, or advance environmental control of the semiconductor production space only have become more pronounced.

MICRONVIEW deliver high performing cleanroom environment control turnkeys that enhance our clients' technology, research, and production processes. Regardless of size or application, we build safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction into every cleanroom environment.​​​​​​​

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