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Data Integrity BioAerosol Sampler With 220V AC Battery


Data Integrity BioAerosol Sampler With 220V AC Battery

BioAerosol Air Sampler (BAS) is a high performance air sampler, based on the principle of Andersen impact method.

Flow rate 100L/min

Long battery life ≥10 hours (100L/min)

Data Storage 20,000 sets

Remote sampling 8 m

Product Features

4.3’’ rapid response capacitive touchscreen

All components and circuits interfaces are isolated from the external environment ro prevent oxidant intrusion

Long Battery Life 100L/min≥10hours (60m³)

Flow Accuracy ±2.5%(100L/min)

Compliance with FDA21 CFR Part 11

Remote Sampling

Powerful and stabilized pump to support Remote/Isolator sampling(up to 8m)

Operation Interface


- Intuitive sampling records

- Search function for quick search of records - One-click for exporting and printing


- Intelligent sampling mode enables continuous and cyclic sampling

-The sampling process is clear and distinct

LED lighting and beep prompt error


- Smart Settings mode

- User-friendly input method


Link is used for collaborative work of MicronView device network interconnection by using network or USB connection.

Touch【WLAN】icon to enter the network setting interface. Touch【Scan】icon to search the wireless network nearby. Touch input box of SSID to open the pull-down menu. Select the wireless network to be connected and enter the password. Touch【Connect】icon to connect to the internet. See chart See chart 5-3-25 and 5-3-26. The icon on the top right corner of the screen means the network is connected.

Touch【Open USB connection】icon and insert one end of the USB cable into BAS and the other end into MICRONVIEW series of device that to be connected. Then enter the USB connection interface of MICRONVIEW series instruments and touch【Connect】icon. The icon will appear on the top right of the screen after the successful connection between BAS and the series device of MicronView.



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