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Touch Screen BioAerosol Monitoring System for Laboratory


Touch Screen BioAerosol Monitoring System for Laboratory

Bioaerosol Monitoring System

BioAerosol Monitoring System (BAMS) is used for real-time environmental monitoring of microorganisms in the air.

Capacitive touch screen 8.0″

Portable 5.8Kg

Continuous monitoring 7*24hr

Mass storage 119G


Continuous Monitoring 24/7 continuous monitoring

lmmediate Data

Real-time data for both particlesand biological particles

People Oriented

Efficient user oriented design

Stable and reliable

First truly portable microbial monitoring device

Compliance with FDA21 CFR Part 11

BAMS uses autofluorescent units to count planktonic bacteria without the need for culture No more manual colony counting, with real-time plankton counts visualized on the instrument screen Active particles detected by BAMS include microorganisms that can be cultured by plate counting, as well as microorganisms that are active, but not viable, due to mechanical damage, life cycle stages, or inappropriate culture conditions Academia It is generally recognized that less than 1% of the captured microorganisms in the environment can grow on culture media. Therefore, the number of microorganisms detected by BAMS is much closer to the number of microorganisms in the environment.



MicronView Limited takes advantage of optics and biotechnology to achieve fast, real-time sterile environment monitoring, by providing advanced monitoring instruments and consumable for production environments and finished products of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
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